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              NEWS |
              The Huafang people always uphold the quality tenet of Seiko, and strive to serve human health.
              Zhejiang Huafang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd formerly Zhejiang Huangyan Sifang Chemical Factory, founded in September 1993, November 2007 changed its name to Zhejiang Fang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Founded in June 2015 Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., in November 2015 in the three new board officially listed (code 833776). The company is headquartered in Zhejiang Huangyan Economic Development Zone, Jiangkou lightweight Investment Zone, covers an area of ??46666.9m2, construction area of ??32009 m2, the total assets of 300 million yuan, 150 million yuan in fixed assets. In 2005, Shandong Weifang Shandong invested 160 million established four subsidiaries. Company employees 450 people, including technical personnel more than 180 people...
              Contact us
              Domestic business: +86-576-84172638
              Export business: +86-576-84169890
              Raw materials: +86-576-84179181
              Fax: +86-576-84179781
              E-mail: xck@huafangpharm.com
              Add.: 10 Dazha Road, Light Industry and Chemical Industry Investment Area (Jiangkou), Huangyan Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang, China
              Copyright(C)2020, Zhejiang Huafang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by  ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle
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